Lawyer-turned-tech CEO Dr. Sylvia Kampshoff is at the forefront of providing personal training for women with busy schedules / Kanthaka on a mission to become the to go to provider for every woman plus 30 to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Before I started Kanthaka, I worked for 8 years as an attorney, performing Private Equity and Debt Finance work for two big US law firms. I lived and worked in London, Sidney, Munich and Shanghai before settling on a ranch west of Houston, Texas. While working as an attorney my real passion was and always has been fitness. No matter how many hours I worked – and I worked a lot of hours – I was always trying to get in a workout. Staying fit always made me happy and gave me tons of energy.

The problem was that I was finding it virtually impossible to find a personal trainer who could fit in with my busy schedule. The result was that I usually ended up skipping my scheduled workouts. When I did a google search, hardly any trainer responded or if so, they didn’t have any slots available when I was free to train. I was also worried inviting somebody to my house or office gym, I never met before as there were no vetting options. I than ended up starting at a big box gym, at an extremely high price for only 25 minutes and no flexibility with the scheduling. They also bound me with a 12 months long term contract with 0 flexibility in switching between trainers or training time. I didn’t see any results and ended up using only about 20% of the payed for sessions.

I couldn’t understand that such an important space to the health and wellbeing was so broken. As I couldn’t stop thinking about the problem, I started working on it myself and love the journey ever since. Kanthaka offers a new type of personal training service, one where the trainer shows up at the client’s home instead of the client going to the gym. We do the vetting for you to provide a safe environment, with 0 excuses to workout.


From my own experience with babysitting apps, spending hours and hours searching for a sitter, with no luck, I knew an App on its own wouldn’t be enough. To really enable our clients to see results and stay in a routine we have to provide a concierge service making scheduling as easy and convenient as possible. Our team of “Kanthaka Success Heroes” helps you find the right fit trainer and also accompanies you along the way. We are already working on automating most concierge services for scalability, still providing the personal touch our clients are looking for. Other than big box gyms our main goal is for our clients to actually see results and achieve their goals.


Our vision is for Kanthaka to become the go-to provider for everybody who wants to live a longer, happier and healthier life. We found that we are serving a horribly underserved demographic, who wants to stay healthy and fit from the privacy and convenience of their home at affordable pricing with highly vetted trainers. They are not looking for another prerecorded app, but the actual accountability and personal touch only an in person trainer can give them. We learned that our user love a “concierge service” at the beginning and some guidance to take the first step to live a healthier life. Going forward we want to provide the whole holistic approach, adding on meditation, nutrition and stretching. The market is lacking social communities focused on a mid age woman, who is dealing with fitness and nutrition questions and we want to provide a platform for that demographic adding sozialisation as well as gamification tools.

What makes Kanthaka different:

  • A lot of fitness startups kicked off during the pandemic focusing primarily on virtual fitness. Everything is pre-recorded and the human interaction and accountability is missing.
  • That might be the right solution for a lot of people but our clients are looking for the actual human interaction and accountability only an actual trainer can provide.
  • Also, we differentiate ourselves with having a team of client success heroes assisting with the scheduling and any questions.
  • We don’t just leave our users alone with an app, but want to be a crucial part of their journey and success.

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